CNC – Yeah You Know Me!

I’m happy to announce that Altared Space is now 36% funded – but as the man burns in 40 days, we’re still a ways out from being able to making this dream come true. We still need your help!

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We are building as we can and we have officially started CNCing the arches in Altared Space! It has been so inspiring to see this sacred space come alive right before our eyes.

Here is a bit of our vision:

Plywood arches, laser etched with mosaic designs similar to those found in mosques, cut precisely with CNC routers. The arches are arranged in a format similar to a cathedral or chapel. They meet in the center under a structure similar to a Chuppa, with a story of several different Austin based art projects painted upon it.

Under the canvas is an altar, the top surface of which is a blackboard. Chalk will be available for people to create their own designs, tell their own stories, or leave messages. Addressable LEDs will be place between the arches, displaying rainbow patterns of color.

Motion sensors will be placed strategically throughout the project, causing various changes and patterns to the LEDs as people walk through the project.

Microphones and speakers will be placed throughout the project as well, repeating back noises from other parts of the structure, filtered through various effects to make them almost unrecognizable and distinctly unsettling.



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