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Altared Space on Instagram!

I have no words for what it is like to see your work represented on other people’s social media feeds. And with that, I present to you, Altared Space on Instagram. A huge thanks iamkrisiam for sharing your beautiful picture and moment! Channeling our inner Grady twins #burningman #burningman2016 #burnergirls A photo posted by @iamkrisiam […]

Limited Perk: Sunset Sailing on Lake Travis!

We’re introducing an incredibly limited experience as part of our Altared Space fundraiser. Limited to one only! EDIT: This perk is now open to as many who would like to have this amazing experience. Have an unforgettable experience sunset sailing across Lake Travis with your captain, Scott Sexton. Experience the perfect Texas evening with your guest […]

About Cheese and Linda

The About page is up and running if you would like to know more about the inspiration for Altared Space. Here is a quote from “The Cheesiest Story of Linda and Cheese’s Love Cheese“: The circling become a slow inward spiral until after a night of dancing, with a little encouragement from friends, gravity took […]

Please note: All purchases will be start to be shipped after Burning Man (September 5).