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The Cheesiest Story of Linda and Cheese’s Love Cheese.

Scene: Burning Man 2013

Its an understatement to say that the adventure to the playa had a bumpy start. On the windy, desert roads, Cheese was involved in a moments-away-from-fatal U-Haul drive and Linda nearly spent a night in Murder Alley (Flagstaff, AZ). Tired and stressed, they arrived to Black Rock City in the middle of quite the rainstorm – to spend the next few days without gear or food. The support truck had broken down.

Over the next week of a successful build, Cheese and Linda found themselves slowly circling each other when any moment allowed. After casting many coy and seemingly uninterested glances at each other, it sparked with a simple offer of a back massage. Linda had been building from sun up to sun down for days and found herself comfortable enough to take him up on his offer. It must’ve been one hell of a rub because they found themselves drawn to each other.

The circling become a slow inward spiral until after a night of dancing, with a little encouragement from friends, gravity took hold. They became inseparable. What was first thought to be “playa glow” was obviously more than a chance meeting in the desert.

It was something else. Something schmoopy. Grossly schmoopy. Vomit all over yourself schmoopy. They disgusted everyone around them – even themselves. Was this even possible?

New languages were invented. Meow language. Meow, meow, meowmeowmeow. It got weird – but a nice, comfortable weird. The kind when two kinds of strange meet and realize they are on the same level of strange.

When the opportunity arose to build something at Burning Man next year, against all common sense, they jumped on board. Despite the trials, tribulations, adversity, and arduous mental and physical challenges, they stayed strong and built another successful project.

One calm evening, while looking over the glittery playa on top of the project, Cheese proposed to Linda. In true whimsical fashion, he procured a skeeball prize they had won together – a bacon ring with googly eyes. A perfect match.

And instead of picking out china and a registry, what made most sense is to plan and build another project – one that you can get married under in the desert and then burn to the ground. Love forged in fire!

After many lessons learned, and new ideas and techniques explored, we proudly bring you Altared Space, a project designed to wow and amaze, surprise and delight – and not stress us the hell out while building it. Because Cheese and Linda are gonna get married!

Please note: All purchases will be start to be shipped after Burning Man (September 5).